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Fri Apr 20 12:11:30 EDT 2001

Hi Per!

> > > The ABY has higher torque. 380 Nm vs 350 Nm in the AAN. 
> > > Both tops @ 1900 rpm. 
> > Hm, my source (Auto Katalog) lists them both with 350Nm @ 1950rpm. 
> > I do not possess an S2 or S6 brochure. S6 is on the wishing-list. 
> It depends on which year Auto Katalog you have there actually.
Well, I have them all form the mid-seventies :)
I think I looked into the '94...

> 91 doesnt list, URq had 309 
> 92 says 309 
> 93 says 309 
> 94 says 350 
> 95 says 350 
> 96 says 350 
I am not at home now, but I suspect that the lower figures are for the 3B
engine that was used in the first S2s.
This is the same engine code as the 20V of the 200 20V.
Just looked at 
Markus is a very reliable person and he lists
3B: 309 @ 1950 U/min.
ABY: 350/380 from 1950 U/min. onwards
I highly suspect that the higher value is in overboost mode (see below).

> But OTOH I have two leaflets that show all Audi models at a glance, 
> these are for 94 and 95 Norwegian market. Here the S2 (illustrated with 
> the Sedan) is rated at 380 Nm and the S4/S6 is rated at 350. 
Hm, about 9% more torque? If this is true, wth did they with that engine?
Could someone have mixed up the figures of the normal engine state and when
in superboost mode.
IIRC the ABY was able to provide larger boost for a short period of time,
when overtaking for example.

> It could of course be a typo, I 
> dont know. Shall I scan these leaflets? 
I am always interested in Audi stuff as you can imagine :)
But you don't have to. I believe that there is 380.
I'look around if I find something else. 
And if you find time to scan it, I won't reject it :)


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