NAC!! Worst cars yadda yadda...

Chris Dyer chrisdyer at
Fri Apr 20 17:09:58 EDT 2001

I think it's safe to say one's worst cars list is just that, one's 
experience w/autos; one man's junk is another man's treasure.

IME, the best (in terms of reliability) were a $800 '73 VW Squareback 
(variant) and a '95 Wrangler on which I put 85k mi. in 2.5 years. 3rd goes 
to a '75 Scirocco w/a Beetle carb and about 72 billion miles.

Worst for me was a '77 Rabbit (golf) diesel (dissolved in water, accelerated 
at will, usually when others wanted to pass, 1 rr strut froze in cold 
weather causing strange low rider effect [hit bump: WHAM!!], waiting for 
glow plugs when 40 below, defogger akin to hamsters farting on 

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