HELP !!!!! CV Boot Replacement

fchapchuk at fchapchuk at
Fri Apr 20 14:22:39 EDT 2001

I had no problem doing the work on my old 5000S
but my 1992 100 is a different story. My problem was in freeing 
the ball joint from the housing. It wouldn't budge. I remember when 
working on my 5000 that I removed the U shaped clamps that hold
the stabilizer bar to the chassis. That gave the control arm more 
freedom to move. The problem with the 100 is the top of bolts that holds the
on the passenger side are located under the engine mount. Impossible to get

Does the stabilizer clamps have to be removed (I believe the Bently said so)
or maybe the ball joint is just frozen in the housing.

Just for kicks, I contacted the dealer for a quote ($270 for one boot...most
of it
labor charge) He said for some reason, the '92 took more time to do.

Thanks for any help


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