Need '00 A6 2.7tq purchase advice

alng at alng at
Mon Apr 23 03:16:04 EDT 2001

Hi All,

My brother is currently looking for a replacement for his aging subeedo
Legacy. Recently, he test driven a '00 A6 2.7tq at a local Audi dealer and
decided the A6 2.7tq would be his next car. From an audifan (me) standpoint,
that's a good new : )

Here is the detail of the A6 2.7tq he looked at:
'00/Audi assured, Ebony / Blk leather, about 20,000mi, tiptronic, spt pkg, 6
disc cd changer, cold weather pkg + convenience package. The dealer asking
price is $38,980.

He specifically ask me to ask for some q-list advice after the test drive
since he really has no late-model Audi purchase experience. So, what do you
guys think? Does the price sound reasonable or it's too high? Beside, my
brother wants to know if the early sport package for the A6 2.7tq is really
worth it?


Albert Ng
'87 5kcst

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