[urq] UrQ Rear caliper question

Mihnea Cotet mihnea_cotet at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 00:32:55 EDT 2001

Hi all!

This is it:

The 83 URQ has rear brake calippers part # 857 698 661 BX and 857 698 661 
and the 85 CQ/4000Q/91 CQ/90 90Q have the rear brake calippers parts # 853 
698 661 BX and BV..
I don't know what this digit difference in the part# can be in the calippers 
themselves, you should borrow a pair of rear calippers from a 4000Q and 
check the differences...
Besides this, the URQ rear brake calippers have been discontinued, so only a 
remanufactured set of calippers could do.


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