200 won't start (part 2)

Calvin Krug ckrug at laf.cioe.com
Wed Apr 25 00:56:12 EDT 2001

It's alive!  Not quite healty yet, but she has a pulse.  I got the 
check engine light working, did an output test, tried to start the 
car, then checked for fault codes.  I got one.  2312, coolant sensor. 
On a whim, I called the local dealer.  They were as shocked as I was 
to find that they actually had one in stock.  They don't now, it's in 
my 200.  It was still quite hard to start, and simply refused to idle 
for the first couple of minutes, but after that, ran just fine.  On 
the test drive I even discovered for the first time that the fuel 
cutoff at 1.6 bar works.  When I got home, I checked the codes again, 
and got a 2221.    I should have  checked for multiple codes, but my 
fries were getting cold and I was quite hungry.  As long as she 
starts in the morning, finding the problem with the manifold pressure 
and checking for other fault codes can wait until after work 
tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Calvin Krug

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