Blau rear swaybar

Jason type44_5k at
Wed Apr 25 21:34:19 EDT 2001

Hey Carter!

You know, I totally agree with you.  But, I've never
seen a coupe GT in action.  I must say this, that with
the extra weight of the quattro in the 4K (i'm pretty
sure there is a good weight difference between the
two), it could use more power.  If he has a coupe gt
for a car and is looking for a rear bar, I
misunderstood him.  I thought he had a 4KQ.  I guess
there's a reason why I'm not heard often on the



--- Kwattro at wrote:
> In a message dated 01-04-25 22:27:14 EDT, you write:
> << 've seen the rear swaybar in action at QC events
> in
>  Grattan MI amd Road America.  As far as handling,
> WOW!
>   He's now only limited by the tires he has on the
> car.
>   I mean, he can get the rear end to dance out, it
>  dosen't plow at all.  I think it's pretty much
> where
>  you'd want the car to be. handling wise.  But he
> (Jim
>  Blau) also has other suspension mods (which you can
>  see on his website) on the car, but I personally
>  thought that the rear swaybar was the icing on the
>  cake.
>  Just my two cents. >>
> Different beasts - a 4KQ and a GT.  The GT doesn't
> behave anything like a 4KQ 
> on a track - it's faster :-)
> Later!
> Carter J
> Kwattro at
> 1986 4000CS Quattro
> 1986 Coupe GT - trackmaster....

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