European Fords (NAC)

Lee M. Levitt lee at
Thu Apr 26 13:16:48 EDT 2001

"Carl Cobb" <c123666 at> writes:

> I want my vehicles made either in Japan (american hondas are pretty darn
> good, though; hard to tell the difference) or in Germany; period.  We did
> not buy a mercedes ml320 for precisely that reason; we don't want rednecks
> from the south (of which I am one of, thank you; the south WILL
> Rise again, suh!) assembling our german vehicles.

Hey, me too. Albany Georgia, although I learned to wahk in Hahvahd Yahd. :)

Make mine true European (Germany or occasionally Sweden, thank you), built
by Turks. :)

...but not by the Brits. I've owned several vehicles built in the UK...with
regard to the car business, they're falling behind and working halftime to
catch up! (my apologies to Phil <grin>)


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