cold start valve- part II

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Apr 26 14:05:08 EDT 2001

> thanx for all replies.  haven't been able to remove the valve for
> testing but i did check for power to the electrical plug and it was
> fine.  i did notice that when i unplugged it it stopped buzzing and
> when i plugged it back it started buzzing again. It also appeared that
> it had an affect on idle when i unplugged it. 

Well, for starters you are talking about the Idle Stabiliser Valve not
the Cold Start Valve (which is an extra injector in the intake manifold)

the ecu regulates the idle by controlling how much air gets around the
throttle body, thru the ISV.  That why it buzzes.  When the engine is
cold it lets a lot more air in to maintain the idle.

Huw Powell

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