deal on Fittipaldi/OZ wheels

Steve Marinello smarinello at
Fri Apr 27 15:41:08 EDT 2001

Enter the OZ site in either Flash or Non FLash versions.  There is a picture
of a Superleggera wheel in the upper right.  Just below it, is a rolling box
display stating "Click Here!" "Take advantage of... "  "Fantastic Savings on
Closeout Wheels..." "Fittipald Design".  Click on the box and it throws up
another window with the wheel specs and a picture at the top along with a
p[hone number to call.  The email link doesn't work.


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> Is there still a picture of them on Oz's site?  What number did you call?
> >IF you like the now discontinued Fittipaldi Tubolare,
> >the last of them at the unbelievable prices of $100 each for 17 x 8, and
> >$125 each for 18 x 8.  There were only two sets of the 17" left, but
> a
> >few of the 18" wheels.  The wheels are also available for a number of
> >Japanese cars...including my wife's Odyssey.  I've got 5 coming for the
> >FWIW, a search of the web showed the  list/asking price at a couple of
> >places to be $415 each for the 17 x 8's.
> >
> >Just thought someone else might be interested.  Tell them Steve Marinello
> >from the audifans list sent you.  You'll probably get Alexandra or
> >
> >Go for it!
> >
> >Steve
> >
> >

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