quattro digest, Vol 1 #1430 - 14 msgs

Roger Mounsey roger-mounsey at webtv.net
Sun Apr 29 07:27:48 EDT 2001

Re: 4000 Q servicing... I recently bought an'86 with 63k New Mexico
miles and took the car temporarily off the road for some "catch-up"
maintenance. I used the Gunk motor flush, and after 5 minutes, the old
oil came out black as tar. My new oil is 10-40 semisyn spiked w/a qtof
Redline to preclude dry-start damage - this is transitional, leading to
15-50 Mobil 1 tri after 1000 mi.  With your mileage and leak problems,
you might want to try a different approach - conventional oil w/ moly
additive. Blaufergnugen sells this + the hi-tack grease
 I prefer a dry lube for my locks and handles (krytox, marketed as Team
Mclube and availale at boating supply stores), and this works well on
sunroof tracks, too. For the cables, you might want to try lock-ease.
The graphite will help  over the long haul. 
And don't forget rustproofing. I use Boeshield and black silicone stove

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