(semi-rant) ATF before oil change!!!

Jonas K. jkarlsso at metabolex.com
Mon Apr 30 13:23:26 EDT 2001

Ok, so I havn't been following thread, and so I don't know what's been said
and/or recommended, but what I read below downright frightened me. 

> From: "Mihnea Cotet" <mihnea_cotet at hotmail.com>
> Hi all!
> Well, I just changed the oil today on Coupe Quattro and I added half a quart
> of ATF about 100 kms befor the oil change.

Aagh, don't do that. ATF does have good detergent qualities, but it does not
have the lubrication necessary for most motors. It can be used to quieten
lifters before an oil change, but DO NOT drive the car with the stuff in there.
Odds are that the altered lubrication properties will accelerate wear on
internal engine components. Not a risk that's worth it. 

To use it (or even better, a specific motor flush detergent) add it before oil
change, let the car idle for 5-10 minutes, then drain and replace filter. 

> I was a little worried as Per Lindgren said it had screwed his engine up at
> 200.000+ kms and his engine begun actually drinking oil, so I hoped it
> wouldn't do the same on mine as it now has 273.000kms.

Umm, so someone tells you that they did the same thing on a less-used motor, and
it seemed to wear out the rings (likely scenario), and you proceed to "take your
chances" anyway? Well, I guess it's your car, but an expensive gamble in my

Basically, my philosophy is not to ever add anything to oils that are used in my
car while I drive it. 

To comment on your increased compression. I take this as a sign that something
did happen in the motor. Probably not catastrophic, or anything, but most likely
a sign of accelerated wear, not of cleaning. If anything, built up deposits on
piston rings should increase compression, as it would block the air blowing by.
Anytime there is a drastic change in compression on an older motor, I'd be
slightly concerned. 

Also, do you take compression readings often. I know that the first few times I
did it, I didn't do it consistently enought to use the results. The readings
were much lower than they should have been. Mostly because I didn't hold the
Throttle open. 

So please folks, don't run your motor with ATF in it. Not on a 10 valve,
especially not on a 20v and most absolutely definitely not on a Turbo motor. 

'90 CQ

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