Audi 200 Distributer Problem?

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Apr 30 17:18:49 EDT 2001

I hate to be so vague but it is more likely to be some connection
somewhere under the hood getting wet and conducting poorly.  You should
open them all up anyway, clean and use silicon dielectric to keep them

of course a new cap and rotor might fix everything... could also be
spark wires or plugs too.  Your decision about this tune up stuff would
depend mostly on how new they are.

Vbonz at wrote:
> I have a 1990 Audi 200 Quattro. When the car sits outside for a couple
> of
> days in rainy weather, the car will buck like a bronco and have a
> difficult
> time getting to high speed.  This will usually last about 15 minutes
> and then
> the car will operate normally.  Could this be a bad distributor?

Huw Powell

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