fuel additives

Scott Scott at TheHinckleys.com
Fri Aug 3 18:09:43 EDT 2001

The treatment probably thinned out your oil too much.
Dump the oil, replace the filter, put in new oil of the correct weight.

At 15:01 31-07-01 -0500, Festively Jolly wrote:
>hey guys. i was wondering if any of these work.  whether for injector
>cleaning, gas saving treatment, octane, etc...
>what is the point of putting in an additive that boosts your gas 17
>points?  i think engine on the 88 Audi 90 is 92 or 94.  i can only find
>91 ron around here.  so is 108 octane better for the engine or make it
>run better?
>i put in this STP injector/piston top cleaning/octane all-in-one booster
>and it seemed to burn the gas rather quickly and it acquired this new
>loud "tick" noise that gets faster as the engine revs.  makes it sound
>pretty crappy.  is it my lifters or something?  what can i do to get rid
>of this noise?
>well thanks group.

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