Charging problem

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try your voltmeter on the battery terminals
with the car running note the voltage than turn your car off and watch your
voltmeter for about 5 min
to see if the voltage drops if it drops you need a new battery
and if you replace the alternator try just replacing the brushes first
that's the problem with them %80
of the time

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>  Hey, all. My 5kTQw stranded my and the gang in a parking lot with no
> juice today..  One auto parts shop found "excessive ripple" in the
> charging system (tested at the terminal under the hood), and another found
> "charging voltage too low" (tested at the battery).
> A voltmeter in the Cigarette lighter shows 10v with the AC and radio on,
> 11.5-12.2v with al accessories off.
> So am I in for a new alternator?
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