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hmm, sounds like your a bit confused there, ss (stainless steel) by its very
nature is far less prone to corrosion than mild steel (be it aluminised or
galvanised), so fitting a ss exhaust on any car is always going to be better
than mild steel for longevity.  on the aircooled porches and vw's ss is
going to be less necessary simply because the engine pumps more heat into
the exhaust due to its proximity,  therefore there is likely to be less
water collecting in the system,  the simple fact that an audi's exhaust
sytem is probably 5 times longer than a 911 or a beetle means there will be
less heat in the system and more chance of condensation and corrosion,

Sorry to go on, just thought id clear that up
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> Ben, I'd really recommend not putting in an SS exhaust on a water-cooled
> car. I'd go to a place like Stan's headers (,
> which did my custom exhaust setup using glasspack and Magnaflow. The tune
> awesome and so is the performance. The cost was cheaper ($500) than any of
> the exhaust kits I priced.
> SS is (how do you spell this?) "de-rigeuer" on the air-cooled 911s --
> everything prior to '96, and I have a BEAUTIFUL Dansk SS exhaust on my 911
> RS (replicar &:-)). I couldn't figure out why this was until my mechanic
> reminded me: "air-cooled". There is less water in the system and the
> is directly under the engine so the temperatures stay very very hot. SS on
> traditional water-cooled car rot from the inside like nobody's business
> because water condenses in the pipe as it cools and then rusts the pipe.
> Tess
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> Also, same question for the Stebro for the 4000Q's if anyone knows.
> Ben

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