Running rich, low compression, misfire?

Sat Aug 4 19:50:21 EDT 2001

My ur-q is displaying same symptoms. It starts right up, idles well, and 
seems to be running smoothly except for no spark on #5 cylinder. If I attach 
a timing light to #5 wire, then play with distr. cap, I can see the light 
flashing, but then there is no spark on #1. If I get it where #1 and #5 are 
sparking, then #3 is not sparking. 
Hall sender is new from a Quantum, with a bolt installed to stop the vacuum 
advance mechanism from moving. Also, the connector for the computer wires is 
from a 4 cyl. Jetta. Should I replace the Hall sender with the proper one 
from a Ur-q? Or is something else causing this?
What about the connector?
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