Running rich, low compression, misfire?

Orin Eman orin at
Sun Aug 5 01:31:10 EDT 2001

> My ur-q is displaying same symptoms. It starts right up, idles well, and 
> seems to be running smoothly except for no spark on #5 cylinder. If I attach 
> a timing light to #5 wire, then play with distr. cap, I can see the light 
> flashing, but then there is no spark on #1. If I get it where #1 and #5 are 
> sparking, then #3 is not sparking. 
> Hall sender is new from a Quantum, with a bolt installed to stop the vacuum 
> advance mechanism from moving. Also, the connector for the computer wires is 
> from a 4 cyl. Jetta. Should I replace the Hall sender with the proper one 
> from a Ur-q? Or is something else causing this?
> What about the connector?

At one point in time, they reversed the voltage levels that the
hall sender used... perhaps that's it.  Otherwise, once the car
starts, the hall sender is pretty much out of the picture. (With the
exception of the MC when a bug in the MAC11 can cause
the ECU to lose track of which cylinder is which).


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