1.8 bar modification for 5kcsq

The Balakrishnans balakrishnan at mediaone.net
Mon Aug 6 07:58:42 EDT 2001

I have a question about radiator capacity/modifications that might be necessary to accommodate a higher boost.  I am in the process of installing SJM-AutoTechnik's modified ECU with the 1.8 bar WG spring in my 87 5kcsq.  The higher boost ought to mean higher heat generation in the engine, and therefore should need a higher heat dissipating capacity.  In a typical heat exchanger design, we would increase the area of the heat exchanger, or let the radiator operate at a higher temperature (i.e., increase the temparature difference between the coolant and the air to accomodate a larger heat duty with the same area.  Is there any BTDT on this matter among the listers on the impact of increasing boost on radiator/engine cooling performance ?  Thanks for the help.
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