odd 4x108 rims for sale (?)

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Tue Aug 7 23:45:21 EDT 2001

chris at force5auto.com wrote:

> > Yup, the MR2 has a 4x108 bolt pattern.

>Are you sure Tom? I'm recalling my old '87 MR2 wearing Vw teardrop rims at

Hmm, I've seen rims off an MR2 (the second, more rounded one, don't know 
when they started making that) being fitted to an '89 Audi 80. As they were 
the 'forked tongue' type wheels with the spokes sticking out 2in, they 
didn't improve the Audi's looks. :-)
ET was a little off, too.

Regards, Tom

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