86 URq with no barkes

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Tue Aug 7 19:56:47 EDT 2001

this is a long shot, but maybe when you pushed the calipers in, the
fluid going "against" the cups in the master cylinder wrecked them?  Now
they do not "squish" the fluid when you press the pedal, they just move
thru it?

I would try opening a bleeder and pumping, such as you can, to see what
happens.  Even the prop. valve bleeder, since it's easier to get to, to
start with.

Iain Atkinson wrote:
> Jim
> no nothing was undone regarding the lines etc, only reason i tok it apsrt
> was check that pistons were not stuck and put some copperslip on the pads
> and carriers. I undid the the cap on the brake fluid res, to allow the fluid
> to go into res, like i have always done when i have changed pads etc on
> other cars. Pumping pedal and turning s.wheel makes no difference, brakes
> eng running no difference. What have i done????

> > i have a big problem, i took the pads and the caliper carriers off the
> front
> > brakes tonight and regreased them with brake grease pushed the pistons of
> > the brake calipers back into the bores and pushed them out again, re
> > assembled everything and the brake pedal is now on the floor and no
> brakes.
> > Any ideas on what the hell the prob is?????
> >
> > No fluid loss either.
> >

Huw Powell



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