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Wed Aug 8 02:30:46 EDT 2001

well the new ball joint is on the car and its up and running.  Today i 
replaced the ISV.  The car is running great now.  its pushing 6psi now.  No 
leaks of any sort and the tranny seems to be fine even with that whole towing 
episode.  at rite about 3 grand the car just takes off like a rocket, im 
surprize with the power.  Within the next week im gonna try and get an 
adjustable wastegate goin, along with a stock blowoff valve from a 1.8T.  As 
for tomarrow im gonna get the exhaust fabricated, and then set the CO and 
tune the car.  Thanx again for the responses on the towing question.  Take 

- Jerry
'88 80TQ
'91 90
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