86 URq with no barkes

Iain Atkinson iain.atkinson at tesco.net
Wed Aug 8 18:41:24 EDT 2001

only pushed them out say half to three quarters of inch just to check they
weren't seized, and yes with the rotor out.



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When you pushed your pistons back out by stepping on the brakes this was
with the rotor out?  That means the piston extended well beyond normal
travel?  That also means the piston in the MC went beyond its normal travel
into the areas of its cylinder normally not touched by the seals on the
piston.  Could be lots of corrosion in those sections of the MC cylinder to
tear up the seals.

At 03:24 PM 08/08/2001 +0100, Iain Atkinson wrote:

>lucky indeed that it didn't happen on the motorway, this is what bothered
>a little last night that i drove it only the day before at 90mph with some
>hard braking into roundabouts etc, god knows what would have happened then,
>bent car and bent me probably. I have ordered an MC and proportioning valve
>from my dealer should be here tommorrow, then the fun begins, although i
>don't think it's a hard job to do only bleeding all the air out properly.

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