4kq leaking r-12...

Derek quattro at telocity.com
Wed Aug 8 17:38:03 EDT 2001

> so to remove my evaporator all i have to remove is the glove box?

You also have to remove the cabin air intake.  Open the hood and remove the
flimsy plastic cover at the base of the windshield.  This reveals the wiper
motor, some vacuum lines, and a large white box.  The white box is the cabin
air intake.  It's held on with 4 8mm screws in the corners, and glued down
with a gasket.  With this out of the way, you can see the screws that hold
the AC evaporator to the body.

Inside the car, remove glovebox.  Then there's the plastic drip tray under
the evaporator.  The first two screws are obvious, the third is hidden near
the back where the water drains through the firewall, possibly obscured by
some carpeting.  I forgot where I severed the refrigerant hoses when I
pulled the AC, I think there's one connection in the engine bay, around the
battery area, under the intake airboot.  The other I seem to remember is in
the car, at or near the expansion valve.

Think about your heater core while you have this all out.  It's a real PITA
to replace with the AC stuff in the way.  BTDT never doing it again.

> this has been a frustrating project...

My AC was charged and working when I yanked it to make room for the turbo.
Need a compressor, evaporator, condensor, how bout some lines?

-Derek L.

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