Jorgen rack warranty?

Smeins, Larry lsmeins at
Fri Aug 10 09:44:26 EDT 2001

James asks:
 > Anyway, like the title says anyone have to use
>Jorgens warranty?  What are they like?  Are they going
>to bust my balls or what?  Everything was removed
>cleaned, flushed, blown out with air.  All the fluid
>and the whole system are hospital clean.  I know they
>and my pump builder both said if they find dirty fluid
>then no warranty.

>Jim Accordino

My first Jorgen rack started leaking a year or so after putting it in.  I
called Jorgen and they told me to send them the rack for inspection.  I
needed the car and didn't want it in the shop for an extended time so I paid
for a replacement with the agreement that if the returned rack was bad
Jorgen would refund my money.  Jorgen agreed the returned rack was bad and
sent me a check reimbursing the cost of the replacement I had purchased plus
$90 for R&R labor.  I had a local shop do the R&R on both racks and I'm sure
they were not as cleanly as you have been.  You should have no problem with
Jorgen's warranty.  In my experience they are very reasonable and honorable
business people.

Larry from Loveland, CO 

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