Help needed for t-piece

Avi Meron avim at
Sun Aug 12 13:55:56 EDT 2001

Hi Buddy,
Home Depot in Sweden?.................

The only issue with plastic parts from Home Depot is their ability to stand
heat, not as good as plastic components made for Automotive use.
Take care,

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> Any idea how I might achieve this?  Is there another VW/Audi part
> that is what I describe?  Or perhaps a part from another car manufacturer?
> Wishful thinking, but maybe one of you would have a couple of these things
> that you would be willing to part with?

I have seen nylon parts like that in a Home depot store, but I guess that
the best place to look is a place that works with boats or RV's.

Jorgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden.

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