5k/100 euro lights into 5kcstq/200

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 13 03:20:45 EDT 2001

Wallace Said,
>I picked up a set of non-turbo 5k euro lights (Bosch, H4) at the
>junkyard recently, and I'm installing them on my 5kcstq. Not crazy >about 
>the looks but I've wanted to try them out to see the difference.

When you see the difference at night, you won't care about the change in 

>My understanding has been that by replacing the grill, the non-turbo
>lights fit the turbo cars fine.

This is true.

>(1) One of the adjusters on the left headlight interferes with the
>intercooler plumbing. Any recommended modifications? I may cut the
>adjuster down, though you'd lose the socket head that its meant to be
>turned with.

I'm not sure which year you have, but I'd do a trial install
and check again.  On my 86, the tolerances were close, especially the rear 
cover for the housing against intercooler and intake hoses, but they worked 
with no cutting

>(2) Cosmetically, the headlight and turn-signal assembly doesn't fill >as 
>much space as the turbo assembly did. There's a larger gap between >the 
>edge of the turn signal and the matching shape on the fender. 
>(Digitalphotos can be taken.) Is this typical?

Yes, you can find a small door gaurd type of overlay if you want, but if 
your car is square, it'll be the same gap found (but hardely ever noticed) 
as on the non T Cars.  You will need to get new 9004 to H4 connectors.  I 
ran a Comp LTD harness and 9004 pigtails right off the jumper post under the 
hood.  With 80/100 H4's the difference, as they say, is night and day.  The 
$'s saved over the turbo euro's also get you over that strange front end!  
Keeps people guessing as to your cars powerplant too!

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