5k/100 euro lights into 5kcstq/200

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You must remember that there are wiring differences between the 9004
and the H4- two of the wires must be swapped. I can't remember exactly
which ones, but they do not wire to the exact same wires.

BTDT- double check the SJM Autotechnik pages to make sure you have
the wires set up properly. Also, relay those lights! You can get a lot
more lighting once you do this. You can also run higher wattage bulbs-
80/100 is very nice and not so hot that you run into thermal management
issues like you might if you run 100/130 or something insane.


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Wallace said,
>The euro lights are in... and they're not terribly exciting.
Not exactly all that I had could hope for...
I haven't installed relays, partly because I haven't gotten around to
sourcing them and partly because I wanted to see the apples-to-apples
comparison. There's a 1.1V drop from the jump-start post to the positive
wire to the headlight, which does give a lot of room for improvement.

I find your results a bit surprising, though with the voltage drop and 
blinker problems I think you have a wiring issue.  With the 9004 to H4 
conversion you have, I think, 9 possible wiring options X 2 headlights.  
Many of them will cause the lights to illuminate, but only 1 will work 
properly highs lows etc.  Once you find the source of the voltage drop I 
hope your results improve.

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