Slick 50, beating the dead horse

Duncan Thomson duncan at
Tue Aug 14 12:55:29 EDT 2001

> Just because it's slippery and sticks to your floor doesn't mean anything,
> maple syrup does that.  It's what it does or doesn't do inside your engine
> that counts (speaking scienticifically, not anecdotally).  What it doesn't
> do is what they say it does, and what it does do is cause a sludge build
> something they don't tell you about.  John

Funny you should mention maple syrup... I find that a quart of maple syrup
added during every oil change improves cold start performance and quiets
noisy lifters...
It's gotta be the real deal, original syrup though, and it works better if
you use fully synth oil and add the syrup to your pancakes, and not the
engine... ;-)

mmm... pancakes...

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