Slick 50 part 2

Jonas K. jkarlsso at
Mon Aug 13 18:15:13 EDT 2001

> From: Jacques Fournier <jfgte8296 at>
> If you don't think PTFE works, try spilling Slick 50
> on your floor.  If you want to be scientific about it,
> spill some Mobil 1 too.  You will be wiping for days
> on the slick 50 spot.  I know.  It happend to me.  I
> splilled some in the Mud room once and it took forever
> to get it up.  Sorry to beat a dead hourse.

I guess it's already dead, so one more kick won't hurt. 

PTFE simply does not enhance lubrication in motors. The reason DuPont resisted this use
was that one of the required conditions to get the PTFE to bind to metal was *absolute*
absence of any oil. So the PTFE is basically in particulate suspension in the oil.
Pratt-Whitney (i believe) did a test where they compared the results in engines from first
running either with or without slick 50, and then draining the oil, and running the motors
some more. Neither motor seized, but the one with PTFE showed more scoring of the cylinder
walls and damage to the bearings. 

In your spill, I'm sure it was very slippery for many days, but the garage floor is not
exactly the same as the cylinder walls of an internal combustion engine, is it? 

PTFE works great as a friction reducer, I love my nonstick pan, and so do my dogs. :-)
It's just not for cars. 

90 CQ

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