Looking for spare wheel

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Mon Aug 13 21:29:51 EDT 2001

> > > >I have a full size spare for my Sport Q, but would like to have the
> > > >alternative of using the trunk on a road trip (such as to WG for the
> > > >Nationals) as this wheel is a massive 15 X 9.  I have searched the web to
> > > >see if there is anyone who sells those awful (but useful) mini spares,

maybe the later T44 cars have "full height" spares?  I know the T89
comes with one (but the wrong bolt pattern for your car).  So maybe they
started doing it all over the line by the 90's.

Anyway, you drive a Sport Q and don't have attendants crewing in other
vehicles just for the honor of it?

Huw Powell



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