Gains to be had from cone filter on turbo cars?

Tue Aug 14 10:09:59 EDT 2001

Hey Mike,

I think the main reason why the TAP box cost so much is cause it is made of carbon fiber! also this will not fit if you have the european lights. 
The problem with this is that it places the filter very close the the VERY hot turbo and exhaust manifold where it will suck heated air up. what I did in my 5KTQ is took the airbox out and wraped it with a heat shield,(from Pegasus racing) its a fiber backing with metal face, easy to work with. used glue and screws to hold it in place."
then I used some air ducting (also from Pegasus) and attached it to the hole in the front of the air box and ran the duct down to a hole that I cut in the bumper. very simple and it is drawing fresh air from outside the car. 
as far as power gains the cone filter is just a K&N filter in a cone shape. you can use a regular K&N inside the airbox if you like. 

good luck
Mike Guidotti
87 5KTQ
88 GTI

 Michael Gough" <mdg3369 at> 08/13/01 05:15PM >>>
A few days ago I was looking at the TAP website ( and noticed for
250 bucks they have a cone filter conversion box for 5kt cars. I thought
(and still do) that this is an outrageous price. So I was thinking of
building my own box to use a cone filter with. Today at the junkyard, wile I
was looking for a better intercooler, I found something almost like that TAP
piece. It bolts onto the bottom of the fuel dist/ flow meter and there is a
spout that I can hook a cone filter to. So what power gains are typical by
using a cone filter? I am going to use it regardless but I'd like to know
what kind of power is possible to pick up.
PS the piece I got for $5 to make a cone filter work is a factory Audi

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