Gains to be had from cone filter on turbo cars?

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Tue Aug 14 11:05:21 EDT 2001

Not exactly- I said to build and mount an insulated airbox low in
the bumper, not the stock location. That way, you remove the airbox
from the heat source. Then you'll need to have insulated piping
feeding up from the new airbox as well as a snorkel with a dip in
it (like those drain traps) so as not to suck in water.

If you don't have an MAF, then no big deal. I still think that changing
the paper filters works better than a K&N- that increased airflow has
to come from something- I submit that it is due to reduced filtration.


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umm I think this is what I just suggested. ok, maybe I did not explain
myself clearly. its still rather early for me. instead of making a new
airbox I just insulated the one that was already there. with the cis
injection system  this seams much easier. the air hose "snorkel"  I used
connected to the hole in the factory box from there went to a hole in the
bumper leading to the outside of the car.

I have heard the same things about these filters, not sure if it is true but
my car does not have a MAF and I have never seen any dirt or oil on the
"other" side of my K&N.

Mike Guidotti

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Mike and Mike,
The way to go w/ this, if you have the inclination, is to build
an insulated airbox that sits low behind the bumper with a snorkel
to suck in cold air far away from the turbo.

mlp on the s-car list has done this. Ask him exactly how he did it
and I'm sure he'd be happy to share some info.

The other concern I have about K&Ns (however unfounded it may be)
are the reports I've read about the filter oil clogging up the MAF.
I'll stick to paper for the time being.


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