York Compressor seal kit...

Roa, Greg Greg.Roa at Cinergy.COM
Wed Aug 15 08:44:24 EDT 2001

That was me.   I don't have an Audi part number, as the dealership doesn't
sell the kit.  The number that I have is from CCi, which is the company that
makes the York compressors now.  The best place to get the seals is at a
Freightliner truck dealership.  Their parts counter should be able to get
these for you.  You may have to mention that they are a CCi parts number, as
it isn't a freightliner number.
I haven't installed mine yet, due to another problem that arose with the
car, so I can't report yet on ease of the job.  Looking at the instructions
on the site, it looks relatively easy though.
Part numbers are:
 488-25274 (seal kit) cost was $15. Comes with o-ring, felt seal, centering
tool, and bolts

 488-16316 (gasket set) cost was $6  (this was a little harder for them to
get, but they found it right away)  The gasket set may or may not be
necessary, but I ordered it anyhow, given how inexpensive it was.

Took them about a week to get the gasket set in, so that has been a hold up.

All of the instructions are on the CCi website.  This is the link to the

You will probably need the clutch removal tool as well.  I think this is
available at your FLAPS.  It is shown in the manual.

Good Luck!
Greg Roa
Cincinnati, OH
86' 4kcsq
93' 90 CS
83' 944

>i've just about got this whole A/C system redone my 4kq...
>the used York i purchased was not leaking but it is now... from the rear 
>someone just posted less than a week ago about a seal kit for $40.00 
>well... since i've already put a new evaporator, expansion valve, drier, 
>and hoses, i am pretty fed up..
>so much for using used equipment... works one week leaks the next..
>anyone got the part# /source for these seals.. Pleze!
>'86 4kq


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