Pilot Bearing

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Wed Aug 15 12:46:36 EDT 2001


Find a solid, metal cylinder that will fit into the center of the pilot 
bearing with very little play around the edge.  Fill the hole in the crank 
where the bearing is with very thick grease.  Press the cylinder into the 
hole slowly and forcefully.  You may need to tap it with a hammer.  This 
will hydraulically press the bearing out from the crank.

Alan Kramer

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>From: "Swann, Benjamin R.  (BSWANN)" <BSWANN at arinc.com>
>To: "'quattro at audifans.com'" <quattro at audifans.com>
>Subject: Pilot Bearing
>Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 10:07:48 -0400
>I was going to replace the pilot bearing during the NG rebuild, but it
>requires a special tool according to Bently.  I may be able to get a hold 
>the tool, but I am wondering if I should  replace it.
>The bearing looks,  feels ok.  What is the likelihood of a used pilot
>bearing failing.  The motor AFAIK had under 100Kmi before rebuild.
>Should I take the trouble to track down the tool and replace, or is this

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