Sold? -addendum

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Thu Aug 16 22:02:00 EDT 2001

"Beatty, Robert" wrote:

> I really need to learn my European monetary denominations.... i have NO idea
> how much this car is going for :)

10.000 Norwegian Kroner is about $1120. $1 = 8.90 Norwegian Kroner today. So
Tom's El Cheapo Audi 80 would probably get at least 10 times as much here in
Norway. One reason for this is that we have a wreck deposit system, which means
that the lowest price for any car is 1.500 Kroner. This is run by the Gov't and
is to reduce the amount of old abandoned cars parked in yards and streets.

There are currency exchange tables at the financial pages of


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