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The Pagid Blacks are more or less a street compound- the Orange
are a real race pad.

I don't see how a cryogenically treated rotor would prevent blueing-
that's due to heat buildup that a cryo'd piece would have no effect
on, other than possibly reducing warping.

I would rather invest in brake ducting and larger brakes. The greater
mass allows for more of a heat sink before they cook.


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I just picked up the Quatt from my mechanic. At the last moment, I decided
to replace the pads (I'm running Pagids) before Saturday's track event.
Good thing I did!

Three of my pads were cracked; one (I can guess which wheel it's from,
although he didn't keep track) is even cracked in multiple places! Heck,
I've only done three track events on these babies! My mechanic says I'm
also starting to cook the rotors, ATE PowerDiscs, as they are turning
blue. He wants me to upgrade to a cryogenically treated rotor and to use
the Pagid orange racing pad.

Qs: what's the difference between the Pagid black and Pagid orange? I
thought I was already using a cool compound pad. Do any of you have
experience with cryogenically treated rotors? What about on cross-drilled
rotors -- do you get cracks?


in Seattle, WA USA still braking *very* gingerly...

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