Can anyone tell me about EARLY 5kt?

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Fri Aug 17 22:15:55 EDT 2001

Awww damn, I guess I'll just do the MC then. The old solid lifter heads 
don't flow as well as the newer ones right? I just kinda wanted the 7:1
compression to run more boost and spark with the same fuel, though the
drivability goes to hell.

>From: JShadzi at
>To: mdg3369 at, quattro at
>Subject: Re: Can anyone tell me about EARLY 5kt?
>Date: Fri, Aug 17, 2001, 8:57 PM

> Micheal, these motors are very similar to the Urq motor, 79.5mm bore 2.1,
> very low compression as you say.  Also, this motor will not bolt up the the
> later hydraulic lifter heads as you want to do.  Frankly, i recommend you get
> an MC bottom end that will bolt up the hydraulic head and give you slightly
> higher compression and displacement, and are available very cheap too.
> HTH,
> Javad

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