Driving With ABS Off

Kev the Brit quattrohead at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 18 23:38:44 EDT 2001

>I'm trying to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with my brakes. I know my
>"bomb" is gone. I also have to drive with my ABS off or else when I put
>on the brakes I get this clunking grinding noise and my brake pedal
>starts jumping up and down and braking power is severely reduced. With
>the ABS off it brakes nicely. Any BTDTs?

You have ABS sensor problems. Try removing each sensor and refitting it with
a new cap, pay attention to the correct orientation. If that does not work
then you could have rusty teeth on the hubs and some on the list have said
cleaning them does not work, by then the signal is not square enough. At
that point you may as well remove the relay from under the back seat and
remove the bulb from the dash.
All this has nothing to do with the bomb.

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