More '85 5000cst automatic questions

Ivan Tuma ituma at
Sun Aug 19 11:03:29 EDT 2001

EPIFORM wrote:

> Any advice on what this squealing noise could be would be greatly
> appreciated ... I hope
> with the new maintenance page on this site ... many of these redundant
> questions could
> be eliminated.  I'm sure this one has been answered many times. I wish I
> could more easily
> search past discussions so I don't waste anyones time.
> __________________________________________________________
> Most likely, its your crankshaft rear main seal in your engine.
> see
> Tom Chudzinski

Thanks, that sounds plausible since the transmission works fine.

Any miracle liquid like a seal expander that I could use to quell this
I will probably try some sort of engine stop leak on this however, the noise

is more of a rubber-on-metal so there probably isn't any oil there to do any

expanding... not yet.....


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