Speaking of A8s

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Sun Aug 19 22:58:13 EDT 2001

"TM" <t44tq at mindspring.com> wrote:

>The shocking thing is, A8s have no resale value.


>I think I may be recommending that Dad trade up to a pre-owned A8
>for his next car. I think a regular A8, 2000 or 2001 model, could be
>had for around $50k or maybe even just under that. Then all it needs
>are some Bilsteins and those lovely 9-spoke 18s. :-)

The problem with the A8 might become its advanced aluminium construction 
and complex electronics. Better make doubly sure that that immaculate used 
A8 you're looking at has never had any body damage, or live forever in fear 
that it might have been improperly repaired.

I've been told that here in Europe, A8s with fixable body damage are 
frequently totaled because the repairers fear the warranty claims on their 
work (imagine having put the entire interior back together, and having to 
tear it all apart again because the owner complains of a rattle, or because 
someone neglected to reconnect some electrical feature... or that the body 
rusts out in a couple of years because the tools used (or even the room 
where the car was fixed) weren't alu-only. I've seen those alu panels react 
violently even to the mounting of the wrong type of antenna... Owners of 
A8s, be they new or used cars, demand very high standards because of the 
amount of money they paid.

There's a large influx of used A8 imports here in Holland. Those cars are 
relatively cheap to buy, and will probably find a buyer who's not prepared 
to spend the amount of money needed to maintain these complicated cars. I 
think that the reputation of Audi will suffer from these cars, bodged to 
death, which will appear on the market whenever their new owners are hit by 
the horrible truth...

Watch your step when buying a used A8! Be prepared for those maintenance 
bills! This is not a mid-80s DIY maintenance car! Great cars, though- I 
wouldn't have thought a car this size would be so much fun to drive, and so 

Regards, Tom
-just returned from another fun weekend of Audi nerding, buying and 
selling, fixing and stripping Audis

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