4000Q 5-bolt Conversion

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Sun Aug 19 21:15:30 EDT 2001

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> We've tried both the 10v and 20v 80/90 carriers, and in both cases, the
> 5000tq hub was binding against the bearing housing. This is with 4kq rear
> axles on opposite sides in the front.

Yeah, I'd seen that also, and if you mill the housing down you'd lose the
outer circlip race. Not a viable option for sport driving.

> The 10v and 20v 80/90 uprights appear to be the same - it is the carriers
& hubs that are different. The wider
> track on the 20v comes from a thicker hub than the 10v.  Even the 10v  hub
> is thicker than the 5000tq hub.

Agreed on the above. I suppose RS2 hubs are the factory answer.

>  The EKTA shows different part numbers for
> the late '89-on 10v carriers w/ABS than the '88-early '89 10v
> carriers w/out ABS, but I don't know if this is simply because of the ABS
> housing or some other change in dimensions.

Differences are ABS and non, as well as 2pc vs 1pc front struts.

> There was a suggestion that A4tq front hubs will work with the
> 80/90 struts, but I doubt the spline would be compatible with the 4000
> axles.  Maybe with 80/90 front axles?

I've never gotten into swapping A4 hubs into older housings, but why not
work with the issues you've initally identified. How about late 200tq hubs
into your 10v housings with 90q outer CV joints onto your existing shafts?
That would give 5bolt, bolt style outer Cv's to match the hubs, and a usable
bearing diameter that's off the shelf.

> I'm wondering whether anyone has used 80/90 struts w/4000 rear axles and
> 5000tq hubs ??
> Gary

My car just runs the ur-q units, 'cause they work.

Chris Semple
Concord NH
'84 4000tq Lightweight, w/Fuchs

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