5000 tq rear calipers

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Tue Aug 21 00:10:30 EDT 2001

Manually adjust the bias valve to see if you can lock the rears or
fronts. Did this to adjust the bias of my Solo 2 car.


On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 09:07:19 -0700 "jim rose" <sf5ktq at hotmail.com>
>hey all, (thanx to those who replied about my bypass valve question!)
>is there an easy way to check IF the rear calipers are functioning 
>i.e.- if theyre clamping hard enough?  mine do move visibly, but seem 
>to be 
>along for the ride - dont dust at all, dont even keep the rotor 
>i also wonder if therees an easy way to check the rear-bias 
>contraption and/or the anti-lockup sensor between the tank and the 
>they both look OLD - better to just replace?
>i suspect them both as my rear brakes seem work, but not enough. 
>wonder if 
>theres a way around the bentley pressure-gauge test methods.
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