Wieght and other specs. 80/90 and 4000 Quattro

Stott Hare stott at MOPANG.com
Tue Aug 21 09:28:51 EDT 2001

Could this prewash delay be a function of the relay?  Or do you suppose the
wiper motor has a delay feature built in?  Guess I'll have to dig up an
80/90 intermittent wiper relay and test it out.  I really am turned off by
the drag the dirt across the dry glass trick....

I can say that neither my 100 nor 200 exhibited this display....

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I could also mention the difference in wiper/washer function - the
washer squirts before the blades move, which means no more scraping a
dry windsheild with one swipe before the fluid gets on it.


Huw Powell



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