4kq braking

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Wed Aug 22 02:44:11 EDT 2001

> I'm having a problem with the brakes on my 87 4kq.  The problem starts after
> The brake pedal is released.  The car brakes straight and the pedal feel is
> firm, but as soon as I take my foot off the brake pedal, the car dives left.
> At first, I thought it was the road conditions (grooves, construction,
> whatever), but it happens no matter what the road surface is.  I was thinking
> maybe a seized caliper, but that would probably make the car dive during
> braking and not after.  I also thought it may be the hydraulic system needs
> to be bled, but the pedal is very firm.  All suspension parts are new in the
> front so I ruled out bushings and strut bearings and the car was recently
> aligned by the dealer to spec. 

How about the rear suspension parts?

if something like a ocntrol arm was able to "move" a bit, i would expect
the reverse of your problem of course - under power the part rests in
one position, when you hit the brakes it shifts and pulls.  But you are
getting a pull when lifting off the brake - even if it is free enough to
move right back, paking that pull sensation, one would expect the
opposite of that pull upon first braking.

So I may be barking up a wild goose canyon here.

You may be on track with the sticky caliper idea - it comes away
eventually while driving.  You brake, all is ok, as in all calipers
close and grab.  You lift off the brake, and one caliper *does not* let
go right away, and pulls to its side.

usually sticky calipers make a "hot" wheel (hot to the touch after
driving) but if yours is letting go soon enough it might not heat up

Maybe someone else will have something more constructive to offer?

Huw Powell



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