Interesting Audi for sale........

Dave Aukerman aukdav at
Wed Aug 22 20:30:43 EDT 2001

Ah, the tainting of the bloodline eh?  Place in Cali called Renegade
Conversions.  Has a nice little habit of droping bowtie motors into
Porsches.  914/911/944/928  They have a 914 running around with a twin turbo
Chevy V8. Tainting of the bloodline. Ha.  P-club members don't like it when
they're $90k 911tt's are getting a hiding from a 914 that cost a quarter as

Taint away, just make sure you make mine about 400hp with 400  Hmmm,
LT1 with toys in a type44 wagon.  Hmmmmm.


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> So, as many of you now have stated, the LT1 is dirt cheap. And it is easy
to get
> hold of. But when you then show up in such a car, wouldnt everybody just
> expect the hotrod to have an LT1 under the nose? Yes they would. And that
alone is
> a good reason to not use the LT1 but to use an Audi engine. But I guess
this is a
> hypothetical question anyway, as I honestly dont expect any of you to brag
> winning the bids on this classic, and if you do, wouldnt sink to such
level as to
> hotrod such a classic German machinery.
> PerL
> 92 Cabrio 2.3E

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