1989 Audi 200 QT - Hard Start Need Help

Konstantin Bogach kbogach at home.com
Thu Aug 23 00:28:34 EDT 2001

$35 in Force 5 Automotive.

Bernard Littau wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> You did some really nice diagnostics!  It took me a long time to think of
> doing all that you did.  "Limited skills" might apply to your mechanic, but
> certainly not to you!  You have pretty much, in my mind, eliminated the fuel
> pump and the fuel delivery system as a problem.  Also, just FYI, for my '88
> I picked up a used ECU for $100 or so.  You should never need to buy one
> new.
> Sounds like you have the classic leaking injectors problem.  They leak the
> fuel into the manifold and flood the engine.  I think all Audi I5 10V's have
> this problem at this point if they have stock injectors :-)
> When you shut down and restart immediately (or short time) the injectors
> don't have time to leak much, and the car starts right up.  When you let it
> sit a while, the injectors leak down, and flood the engine, making it hard
> to start until some quantity of air is pulled through to flush out the gas
> to a level tolerable for starting -- thus the long cranking.  When the car
> sits for 10 days, the gas evaporates out of the manifold, and the car starts
> right up.
> Try cranking with the throttle open a bit -- this should reduce the amount
> of time you need to crank to flush out the excess gas.  Let off the throttle
> when it catches so you don't race the engine :-)
> The solution is to replace the injectors (and seals).  I think I paid around
> $50 per injector, so it is not an inexpensive fix at around $300 in parts
> alone.
> Best,
> Bernard Littau
> Woodinville, WA
> '88 5ktq

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