86 Coupe GT

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    I would have to say no.  That's just my opinion.  You can pick up a
fairly good condition car like this for a grand more certified if you look
hard enough.

    Don't feel to bad.  My 72 GT6 proves that I'm a cheap masocist.

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> I had a Audi dealer examine an 86 coupe I was considering buying for under
> 2,000 which seemed reasonable. His report says the car needs/has
>  warped exhaust manifold,
>  exhaust system,
>  bent rim,
>  top struts,
>  engine runs rough
>  parking brake cable
>  sway bar need to go to body shop
>  other small things
> Without knowing the cause of the rough engine I would have about $ 3,000
> fix everything plus whatever the engine ends up costing.
> Is a mechanically perfect( for a 15 yr old car) Audi Coupe GT worth
spending $
> 5,000 on. I've looked at 90-91 20v coupes and they just don't appeal to me
> like the 82-87 GT and my mechanic forbids me from buying an ur quattro
even if
> it will put his kids through college.
> Thanks for your opinions,
> Marty Alpert
> '74 MGB-GT ( proves I'm a masicist)
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