Radar Avoidance

scott miller macatawa at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 23 16:38:41 EDT 2001

I once read a book on avoiding tickets, by a retired NY patrolman.  He 
explained that cops usually have a few choices of cars to pull over, and 
will choose a car based on appearance.  He gave many examples and 
suggestions, like the saleslady who dressed as a nun, and avoided tickets 
for years.  I've been nailed at 20+ over, had the cop aggressively 
decelerate inches from my bumper, pause, and pass me to get someone else.  
That was in a "damn furrin' car" in Detroit.  The back of my car displayed: 
military plates, Wings of Mercy Pilot bracket, small military stickers in 
the window, a Michigan State Police hat (real embroidered wool, only 
available at their acadamy), Michigan State Police Airborne Enforcement hat, 
on a clean, boxy, synchro wagon.  No FOP stickers, that doesn't really help. 
  Anything they can associate with helps: paramedic, fireman, etc.

He described various tactics and explained the mentality of cops (regular 
guys with slightly bigger egos).  A little research has paid heavily for me 
over the years.

Scott Miller
'90 200tqw
Holland, MI

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