1989 Audi 200 QT - Hard Start Need Help

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 23 13:05:29 EDT 2001

Kevin Clinton wrote:
>I also noted that when I go on vacation and leave the car unused for 10 days
>or so it starts right up.

This sounds like *my* car.  It takes 8-10 seconds of cranking when cold. 
But if
it's been sitting for a while (a week or more), then it starts right up. 
Mine also
starts right up if it hasn't been sitting long (10 minutes or so).

My mechanic said "they all (turbos) do that."  I've learned to live with it,
although I am tempted to change the injectors to see if that helps. They
were replaced once -- 4 years and 63K miles ago.

So, let us know.

Kent McLean
'89 200 TQ w/213K miles, "Bad Puppy"

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